About Us


​I've come a long way since I would sit under my Mums sewing table making dolls dresses out of her fabric offcuts. (As a child obviously! Though if there's good fabric scraps I'm not adverse to crawling under there still to collect them!)


A BA Hons degree in Heritage Studies consolidated my love for fashions of the past and a random request to make a 1940's uniform for someone snowballed into an online shop and hire company.


Nine years later we still make our outfits ourselves in our work room in Lincoln and thoroughly enjoy helping people enjoy their weekends and events. 


We hope to continue to grow (we're going to need a bigger work room again already) and we're looking at new directions to head in to; like producing sewing patterns and attending events in our (non-existent) free time.





How To Hire

       Ladies Outfits       

       Factory Girls         

          Evelyn 16           

          Dorethy 14         

          Ettie 12/12         

          Eileen 14            

           June 14             


  Women's Land Army  

       Iris  (dungarees) all sizes   

       Rita (breeches) all sizes      

              Shirley 8          

            Gloria 16           

              Edna 14           

       Civilian Outfits       

           Patricia 18          

            Thelma 14         

          Dorethy 14          

            Lillian 18           

         May 10/12           

          Rebecca 24         

            Sam 10             

            Joan 12             

        WAPC Uniform       

           Elsie 18/20          

       WVS Uniform         


    Nursing Uniforms    

       Red Cross Violet    

     VAD nurse Phyills    

     St Johns Nurse        

      ARP Nurse Norah   

Red Cross Uniform Doreen

        WAAF Uniforms      


            ARP Outfits          

         Mens Outfits           


            ARP Outfits          



      Childrens Outfits      





             ARP outfit           



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